The Concept of Financial Risk

Variance as a measure of risk

The standard definition of risk according to modern portfolio theory is the measure of variance (or standard deviation) of the portfolio’s return. In the table below, we can see two portfolios with the same average return, yet the individual returns of portfolio "B" are way more varied than portfolio "A". This is measured statistically as

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Are you saving enough?

The most common question that comes up during my client meetings, especially with the younger executives, is whether one is saving enough.  A lot of different formulas or rules of thumb exist however there is no one size that fits all.

Most of clients that I meet have some form of investments that are generally a result of their random visit to the bank or a recommendation by a friend

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The Changing Landscape Of Wealth Management

Published in Silicon India Consultants Magazine, Jan 2017 issue

By Ashish Tyagi, Senior Equity Strategist, Divitas Capital

With increasing number of savvy investors willing to take opportunistic bets and taking the initiative to manage their financial future along with rising globalization, the years ahead will be a game changer for the Wealth Manage

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Mutual funds can be tax-efficient investment avenues that can help reduce your tax burden and at the same time increase your wealth. Income tax benefit - Investments made in tax-saving schemes up to Rs 1.5 lakh are eligible for deduction from taxable income under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.   Lower lock-in period - In comparison to tradition

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Investing in Gold

In this current environment, where we’ve witnessed a bull run across asset classes over the last five years, to deploy a certain amount of capital as hedges to protect one’s investment is a prudent choice. Though Indian domestic scenario remains robust, given the increased pace of government reforms, a stable inflation rate and a good monsoon boosting demand, our financial markets are still

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